FAQ/Rules for A Tattered Page. (round four)

Hi everyone- here’s the rules/FAQ for round four of ATP.  There are some significant changes from round one so please read it carefully before applying.





A Tattered Page* [*citation needed] is an event that uses books as design prompts.  Not movies made from books. Not Cliff’s Notes of books, not television shows, comic books, graphic novels or cartoons made from books. BOOKS.  If you’re not a reader? This is probably not a good event for you and honestly, save yourself the frustration and sit it out.

This is a SMALL event. We will be taking on 20 merchants. There are no sponsor slots. The event will take place both in-store and in a fixed location, so people have the option of where to shop. Listing on Marketplace is optional but is NOT required.

1. ATP is both an in-store event and a location event. That means that merchants will display their entries both in their stores, and at the ATP Library.  The Library will be a casual display venue so there’s no need for booth prep.  we’ll just make the area available to everyone to put their stuff in.  Merchants are free to make as many items as they want, but the item(s) must be NEW.

a)*RETEXTURES* of previously existing content are okay. (no you don’t have to go out and buy all new templates, if you use templates.)

b) Straight recolors of existing products are NOT okay. It has to be a NEW product.

c) Brand new items are obviously awesome.

d) Template/resource mesh is perfectly fine, and obviously original mesh is perfectly fine also.


2. In this case, it’s Good Omens by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett.

YES, you have to *read the book*.  That’s the point.


3. There are no restrictions on what kind of items you can make, nor on how many, OR for that matter, your take on them – as long as it’s yours.  Go nuts. Be creative.  Do wacky things if you want.

But there is a catch.

For each item you make you have to also include a notecard that explains where in the book you drew your inspiration.  It doesnt have to be long. A paragraph will do.  But this is the [citation needed] part of the event.   The items you make don’t have to be *literal*.  They can be, but they don’t have to be. They just have to be original and yours, and you have to “show your work.”

For those folks whose native language isn’t English, by all means *read the book in your own language*.  Don’t be silly, go read it in whatever language works for you. When it comes time to do your citation, just ask someone on the org team for help finding the exact spot in the English version you need.  We have to read it anyway, so we can help you with this. You don’t have to fight with reading a novel in a foreign language. (that’s ridiculous, no one has to do that.)


4. Because we’re not providing a booth, we’re not charging a booth fee.  The ONLY fee is that for each item you make, ONE colorway must be in one of our event vendors. We will provide a vendor that takes 10% of the cut from that one color only.


5. Make your own stuff, gang.  We’re very strict about this, and will continue to be. So here’s our whole. long IP policy, but here’s the tl;dr version: don’t steal other people’s stuff.:

You will be strictly held to the Cursed Events policy regarding IP/Infringing content.  We don’t mess around about this, and it’s something you need to familiarize yourself with.

The policy of ALL the events I’ve ever organized has always been the same- if you rip stuff, be it art, textures, models, whathaveyou – I will punt you out so hard and so fast they will see you fly across the grid. I have done this before, and will not hesitate to do it again.



If you, personally, did not create the artwork or photos in that gallery YOURSELF, do not bring them to this event. We will remove you. If you grabbed it from the net, google, whatever, and messed with it in photoshop- do not bring them to this event. We will remove you.

It does not matter if you make “an original piece just for the event” if everything else in your store originated as someone else’s artwork. We will not keep you at the event. we are *Not interested* in work that is not completely created by the merchant. Please, save your time and ours- we *really will remove you* if you’re selling work that isn’t yours.


If you, personally, did not create the textures in that gallery YOURSELF, by your own hand/photo work, do not bring them to this event. We will remove you from it when we find out it’s happened, and someone *always tells us* it’s happened.

It does not matter if you make “an original piece just for the event” if everything else in your store originated as someone else’s texture. We will remove you. we are *Not interested* in work that is not completely created by the merchant. Please, save your time and ours- we *really will remove you* if you’re selling work that isn’t yours.


Also, please read the above. This rule applies to you also.


You had to go through the same IP quiz that everyone else did to upload meshes at all. If we find out you’re selling ripped content or if we find out you’re selling INFRINGING content – which doesn’t have to be ripped, just be ripping off someone else’s IP – we will pull you out of ATP so fast it will make your head spin. It is not fair to everyone else who busts ass to make their own stuff from scratch and goes out of their way to buy legitimate resource content. There is no way for us to know the legitimacy of every item in every store, but you can bet that with that many eyes on items, SOMEONE will know, recognize, and prove where it came from. Don’t do it. We will find out and we will remove you from the event.

If you don’t make your own meshes yourself, and aren’t uploading them, but are buying items full perm on marketplace, it is up to YOU to know that your stuff is not infringing someone else’s IP.  It is up to YOU to know it’s not ripped off from a movie, a video game, or some other property under copyright or trademark. It is up to YOU to be sure that the merchants you’re purchasing things from, full perm on marketplace are legit, and not thieves themselves.  “I didn’t know it was stolen” is a limited defense. When it’s one item, and everything else is obviously fine, well you know, stuff happens to everyone sometimes. No one can be expected to know everything.  But when there’s multiple problems, that defense doesn’t work, and our only recourse is to remove you from the event – because what it tells us is you aren’t aware of your own genres to know what’s real and what isn’t.

We shouldn’t have to say this, but we realize we do- it’s not ok to use ripped textures on other things.  So no, you can’t use that album cover texture. No, you can’t use that fabric texture that you grabbed off google, etc. If it’s someone else’s copyrighted content, someone’s gonna report it to us, and once they do, we’ve no choice but to tell you to remove the item and retexture it. Please, don’t make us have to do this. It sucks for us, and for you.

There will be *NO EXCEPTIONS* to this policy, and just to be clear – the org team is the arbiter of what we feel comes too close to the line of infringement(or in fact, sails right over it). We are not beholden to anyone else on this.  Save yourself the hassle and just don’t do it in the first place.


6. …aka “this is why we can’t have nice things.”   Look, we get that people try to get into a LOT of events at once.  But apparently “being late” is the new “dropping out last minute.”  Time management is a thing, and it’s hard. We know! We’re merchants too. Between us we have 12 stores, plus a club- we get it.  But the whole being late problem has gotten so out of hand, we *have* to do something, as it is VERY hard to get our own stores done when we’re frantically trying to scramble filling last minute openings. When it’s one or two people, that happens and often the reasons are completely legit.  However (and I mean this) it’s getting to the point where a third of an entire event will be late not due to RL emergencies, but overbooking and time management issues.  It’s exhausting, and we have to do something about it.

So here’s the deadlines.  We aren’t kidding about this.

The event itself runs this round from NOON PST JULY 7- MIDNIGHT JULY 31.

JULY 5:  ALL VENDOR ADS must be sent in to us so we can make sure to have the photos available on the website for shoppers. I need them by MIDNIGHT, JULY 5.  We are going to try to make it so there’s a form for this, but no promises.  However, assuming we can’t get the form ready in time, all vendor ads MUST. BE. EMAILED to bronxelf at gmail dot com.  Not sent inworld. Not sent via skype. Not sent via plurk, smoke signal or IM.  EMAIL.  That email must contain the following information:

1. your vendor ads.

2. The name of your stuff.

3. The price(s) of your stuff.

4. If there are exclusives (they aren’t required) what they are.

5. Your SLurl (we already have it, but it makes things faster for Synjari to have things in one place.)

THE NIGHT of JULY 5  I will start doing a walkthrough.  You’ll need to have your “booth area” set up, and at least some of your stuff in it and ready to go both in your store and at the ATP Library. If it’s not ready when I get there, I *really will* replace you with someone on the waiting list.  Anyone who is LATE to this, barring death or alien abduction will need to sit out the next round of ATP.  If you need to drop out – it’s cool and we understand, but please just do it  at the *FIRST* sign of trouble, not when we’re in the middle of a walkthrough. It’s very difficult to scramble to fill slots on a short time frame like that, and every minute we spend doing it is a minute we’re not finishing *our own stores products* for the event- not to mention the mad dash it creates for our waitlisters.

I will get acceptance letters out to everyone *as soon as I can*.  We should sell out VERY fast.  Anyone who didnt make it may be put on the waiting list (I will let you know that too.)  I expect everyone to know something by April 8, assuming you applied before then.

WAITLISTERS- guys, people drop out of events ALL THE TIME, and it’s frequently VERY late in the game when they do it. If I were you? I’d pretend I was already in and make something.  Worst case? You have a new release for your store, and no harm done.

I hate (like you have no idea) that we have to do this. I have ALWAYS let designers work til the last second. But the late arrivals have gotten *way* out of hand, and we can’t do it anymore.


7. Blogger applications will open on JUNE 7, and bloggers will have their own FAQ page. ALL blogger related stuff needs to go through Sonya Marmurek.  If you ask anyone else, we have to turn around and ask her anyway. Just go to her, and cut out the middleman.


8. We will send out the vendors.  As for the portion in your store, other than that one event vendor. we do not care what vendors you use.  As long as the one color per item winds up in the event vendor, you are welcome to use whatever vendor system you want on all the others. Your store, your vendors. However, at the ATP Library, we will enforce a no networked vendor rule the same as we do at all our other events.


9. When you submit your application, please send your 512×512(this is important.) size logo to Axi Kurmin inworld.  If you were in either World Goth Fair 2014 or A Clockwork Spiral 2014 or any previous ATP round, you don’t have to do this- I already have it.  If you weren’t in one of those two events, I don’t- send it to me *when you submit your application*.  Please try not to forget, since I then have to chase you down for it to process your application.



10. This is one of the reasons for the early walkthrough. It will give us time to compile a notecard for you to drop into a poster so people can get the list of all the shops SLurls and the vendor ads. We also have a flickr group, and we will put the vendor ads up on this website as well.



More may (and probably will) be added to this list as we realize we forgot something. If you have any questions, just ask.



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