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A Tattered Page* [*citation needed] is a special Cursed Event where all of the participating designers read a book, find their inspiration from it and provide a citation (paragraph or so) that inspired them. This means the inspiration comes from the book, not from a movie or comic or other work based on it. The fourth round takes place July 7-31 and the book is Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. The event itself is small with much less merchants than we usually have and it has both a central event location and the same content in stores.

This means several changes in the blogger application process. Please read this page carefully before applying.

1) Since the amount of merchants is so small, the amount of official bloggers will be even smaller. We usually aim at roughly half the merchant amount, although I’m never exactly precise with the number, leaving room for squee-finds. However usually I am able to auto-accept all the Cursed bloggers who apply in time. This time it’s very likely not going to happen.

2) This is an event based on Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman and all the merchants are asked to read the said book for inspiration. I’m warmly recommending that the bloggers read the book, too. This will place everyone on the same (tattered) page, you’ll understand the references the designers provide and see what caused them to interpret things in that way.

3) Bear in mind that the book changes per round and I’d always wish to have actual fans of the book blog it, to be excited about it and genuinely enjoy the new interpretations of the story. If Good Omens is not your type of a book, maybe a book from a later round will be. Apply to a round that you think you’d actually enjoy blogging.

4) Also bear in mind that this is not ‘I love Good Omens comics!’ kind of a thing. This is an event about books, for all of us who indulge in the written word. Therefore the emphasis on writing is slightly greater than it already is in our regular Cursed Events. This is an event for storytelling bloggers: if not your own stories then scenes from the book played out or even literary analysis of the book and the ways the designers interpreted their inspiration. This is not fashion blogging, this is story blogging. Note that your own stories are completely fine and always wonderful, just try not to redo movie scenes (and therefore other people’s interpretations), but either stick to the actual book or create something that is completely your own twist on things.

5) There has been changes in the event mechanics, and from now on A Tattered Page will have a central event location. In addition to this, the merchants can also have their items in their stores as well, since that was the beginning concept of this event. This website will have a list of them all with pictures of the items and SLurls and yes, there is also a Flickr pool. There will be an early access to the central event location.

6) The possible review copies for A Tattered Page’s bloggers will be sent through the new scripted delivery system we have that allows the merchants to send their review copies only to the bloggers on the list of each event.

Please do not consider this just another Cursed Event or feel obligated to apply just because you usually blog us (never feel -obligated- to apply). This is meant to be a shared bookworm bliss where the designers indulge in book-inspired creation and the bloggers conjure stories out of them: their own, or play out pieces from the book. If all of this feels like too much trouble (and it is much more than we usually expect from our bloggers), if you have no interest or time to read Good Omens, if you’d rather just buy the things you like and fashion shoot away on your own: that is perfectly fine. Honest. This is not meant to be everyone’s cake at all and it has no effect on your group status.

These guidelines are only for A Tattered Page: they do not apply to our usual Cursed Events. In our traditional events I still aim to have a great variety of bloggers, from event area reportage to fashion blogging, from artistic pictures to stories of your own.

Only the accepted bloggers will be contacted. There is a blogger list on the site. 

The blogger applications are now closed. Thank you for your interest.

2 thoughts on “Blogger Info & Application”

  1. Not a Frankenstein fan but if you ever choose “The Night Circus” (very appropriate for this group) I will be at the TOP of the list (or I better be *wink*) LOL. A great idea.


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