About Cursed Events.

Cursed Events is a small team of creepy people who produce a number of events each year, including Futurewave, World Goth Fair, A Clockwork Spiral, A Tattered Page, and Gothmas by Gaslight.

Should you ever need to contact one (or more) of us, here’s the info you need to know:

Axi Kurmin is the chief organizer for the Cursed Events team, and she owns Cursed and Gothika. She does concept design and (sometimes) layout, but doesn’t build things, because when she tries, she winds up turning half of Cursed into blue carpeting (this really happened, folks.) Her offlines go to email if you happen to be inworld, but you can reach her on plurk  and on twitter, or via email (at the same username as the plurk account, at gmail.) Please for the love of goth, do not send notecards.

The elusive Nephilaine Protaganist owns Port Seraphine, and she does a lot of the back end building mechanics of WGF. Further, she’d like everyone to know that sugar does not belong in a cornbread recipe.  She can usually be found by messaging Dolce Blackflag inworld(offlines go to email).  She also has a plurk account too.

Lokii Violet is our building director. She slings the prims around here, and fixes the sim when Axi turns it into blue carpeting. If you want to tell someone how awesome a build is? She’s the person to tell.  She has estate and ban rights on Cursed. as well as management rights to Gothika.  Her offlines go to email, and she has a plurk and a twitter account.

Sonya Marmurek is the blogger coordinator at Cursed Events.  She’s the person to talk to about anything blogger related (really, the rest of us are going to send you to her anyway, you may as well just go to her yourself.)  She can also be found on plurk. She likes bunnies.

Cruel Britannia does photoshop like things for Cursed Events year round, and is one of the co-founders of World Goth Day (yes, we can all blame him for all of this, and believe us, we do.) He also DJs at Gothika.  He probably can’t directly help with inworld related problems (his SL skills are limited), but he CAN get ahold of other people who can help in a big hurry (generally, he can text Axi and wake her up if there’s an emergency.) You can find him on twitter,  facebook, or via his website, where you can download enough podcasts to keep yourself in music for the next decade.

Synjari Myriam is our CSS goddess. She does website magic for Cursed Events, because believe us- none of the rest of us have any idea how to do it. She likes good Mexican food.  Well, no one really likes *bad* Mexican food, I suppose, but there you are.

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