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 Who wants to see the Future, who ever does? A man can face the Past, but to think – the pillars crumbled, you say? And the sea empty, and the canals dry, and the maidens dead, and the flowers withered?” The Martian was silent, but then he looked ahead. “But there they are. I see them. Isn’t that enough for me? They wait for me now, no matter what you say.”  Ray Bradbury, The Martian Chronicles

A Tattered Page | May 2034: The Wilderness….my version of it, by Taliferrue Cathaldus


In 24 hours, the book will close on The Martian Chronicles at the Tattered Page Library.  (well, in reality, it probably won’t really happen until Monday. I see littlepoint in not letting the weekend run out for it, but you get the idea.)

This round has been yet another wonderful learning experience. We’ve found out that people LOVE that library, and yes, we’ll be keeping it for future rounds. People are passionate about this little geeky event in a way that isn’t seen very often.  ATP has spawned so many conversations about stories, books and authors.  Our merchants are just delighted to be able to use actual books as design prompts, and to be given an excuse to walk away from their computers and simply read (and not feel guilty about not working.) Our bloggers have done an absolutely OUTSTANDING job. I know I don’t post much while the event is ongoing (because otherwise I just ramble and repeat myself) but please do check out everyone’s hard work though the links on our blogger page, as well as our Flickr group.

At some point tomorrow I will open applications for round three.  The next round of ATP will open on March 7.

However, between now and then, we have Futurewave opening on February 13.

Thanks to everyone for joining us this round and keep an eye open for the new application for round three, tomorrow.