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The rockets set the bony meadows afire, turned rock to lava, turned wood to charcoal, transmitted water to steam, made sand and silica into green glass which lay like shattered mirrors reflecting the invasion, all about. – The Martian Chronicles (The Locusts.)


As we’ve said before, this whole event is a vast experiment.  So it’s almost a week into the second round and time to assess how the changes we’ve made have worked.  Once again, what we at org predicted is spot on- the Library has made a definite positive impact on things. Every time I’ve needed to pop down there for one reason or another there’s been people in there looking around, and I’ve had a number of IMs come in to tell me how much people like the location.

I know that I personally shopped more simply because it was all right there and I didn’t have to wait for multiple locations to rez up., and I expect other people have had a similar experience.

What I’ve also noticed is that this event inspires people in a way that others don’t. The people who do this event really and truly love these books. They love to read. They love to talk about books and what book should be next (I’ll get to that in a minute.) and so forth.  The day we opened there were simultaneous group chats going on both in our event group and in the Fallen Gods store group (I am in that group so I could see it) about books and authors and stories and each one lasted more than an hour.

Perhaps the most interesting thing thus far this round has been how many people have been inspired to pick up a copy of the book and read it. Not people in the event who are required to do so but other people, who want to understand the meanings and symbolism behind what was made for it.  That’s the whole point, in the end; the ability to share these books and talk about them.  I know I am just grateful for the ability to read something not off a screen (as I spend far, far too much time at my desk.)

There’s still two weeks left to go, and I expect more and more people will continue to filter through the library and wander upstairs to check out the beginnings of our little gallery.

In the meantime, though, I have for everyone the name of our next book. Applications will open February 1, and the event will run from noon on March 7-midnight on March 30.


20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, by Jules Verne.

So if that’s something that you’re all over like a set of tentacles, start reading!