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If you’ve been with us for any length of time, I’m sure you’ve noticed that we tend to love our bloggers. They do fantastic work event after event and manage to drop the jaws of the org team on the floor constantly. We often try to highlight the pictures and the posts in our updates, but it’s always very limited exposure and limited amount of pictures that we can pick. Since the majority of the Cursed Events lasts only a limited time as well, even the event areas vanish and are not permanent.

All that changed with the current round of A Tattered Page. We now have a permanent central location for our book appreciation club: The Library. It stays and grows with each new round and therefore it has now also gained a beginning of an art gallery. The idea is to have a frame for each round, so there’s at the moment two: one for Frankenstein, one for The Martian Chronicles. The frames cycle through the pictures in them.

We invite anyone in the Cursed Events group to add their pictures in the frames. You don’t have to be a blogger to do so, but please don’t add your actual vendor ads into them, just book thematic pictures.

You need to upload the pictures you want to use into Second Life. As you can see from the above picture, the resolution is landscape-style, so anything wildly different will probably end up looking bad. If you want to be precise about the resolution, use 1450 (width) x 1024 (height) for it. Or bigger, while keeping the resolution. The actual pixels don’t really matter, just the relation of width x height.

Once you have the pictures in Second Life, go to the Library, to the second floor. We might move the paintings to different places, but they will be upstairs. I’ve added some of mine into them already, so it’s easy to recognize which one is Frankenstein and which The Martian Chronicles. It’s also in the item name and script and all that stuff.

Wear your Cursed Events group tag, you cannot use them otherwise. Click the painting and it’ll give you a pop-up asking for the picture’s UUID. You get this by right clicking the picture in your inventory and selecting ‘copy asset uuid’, then just paste it in the pop-up and hit submit. It’s really very self-explanatory.

You are able to remove your pictures in case there’s resolution issues or if you accidentally added your snuggly-times private photos into the frame. So is the admin (Axi), in case you added photos of your KittyCat’s left paw.

That’s really all there is to it: upload the photos you want to add, hop to the Library’s second floor, click the painting, follow instructions, remember to go ‘tadah!’ in the end.

Obviously this is not at all obligatory or expected, but we would love to have permanent memories of the awesome stories you weave. Come add to the growth of the Library!

Visit The Second Floor of the Library