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We’re just a few hours away now from the first round of A Tattered Page.  In just a few short weeks, the org team has learned so much about this type of event (which is new to us), and we’ve seen ways we can improve the back side even more in future rounds.

Our merchants have done a spectacular job (some on VERY short notice) bringing their inspirations from this original novel to life, and soon our blogging team will weigh in too, with stories of their own.

ATP will open officially at noon Pacific time today.  At that time we will make our shopping guide public.  This will be your one stop way to find all the goodies you’d like to have a look at.  Frankly, it looks freaking fabulous and Synjari Myriam (who does our CSS) busted her ass for days getting it together. If there’s information we didn’t put in there? We don’t know what it is, and navigating it is very, very clear.

Right now, we’re just doing the last minute sweeping up and polishing, and we’ll open the library doors at noon.

See you then.