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And with that. the inaugural round of A Tattered Page [citation needed] opened.

Just to be clear- this isn’t a hunt, and it’s not a stamp rally. it’s 30 designers using a single book as a design prompt, and seeing what happens.  Our shopping guide can be found here.  Some of our merchants have also listed their event items on Marketplace, but this was optional- so some will have those items available and some won’t.

We encourage everyone to go visit all the stores, and check out the blogs from our talented team of event bloggers. I’ll highlight some of their work here as well, while we’re open.

Special thanks go out to Synjari Myriam for creating the shopping guide. Really, this was a lot of work to get all this information to you in such a comprehensible fashion. Goodness knows it rarely arrived at org that way.

Let the experiments begin.  The library is open.