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Welcome to A Tattered Page* [*citation needed].

We’ve been getting a number of requests for an in-store event from merchants, and have been for some time now. Since we genuinely have no more time in the year to host one on Cursed, we’re totally on board with this idea.

So here we have it. A Tattered Page. We’ve been working on this idea since World Goth Fair, and it’s finally ready.  We’ll be poking at this site for a while getting things together, but here’s the basics –

This will be a ROUGHLY quarterly event. That is to say it will happen four times a year, but not necessarily 3 months apart.  Currently the plan is January, March, July and November. It that seems odd, it’s because we’re working around the events we already host on Cursed.  If it gets too crazy we’ll drop the one in January but that’s the plan right now.

It is an IN STORE event. That means that people will be visiting various stores rather than coming to Cursed itself(except for the stores already on Cursed, of course.). Each round will be based on a different literary work. That’s the key though- it’s about the book. Not the Cliff’s Notes. Not the movie, not the tv show.  The original book.  Thus, [*citation needed].

Here’s how it works:

We will provide everyone with the name of the book we’re working from. Each store will then use the book to directly inspire what they want to create.   It can be anything- clothing, furniture, accessories.. Any type of thing is up for grabs for the merchants to design.  But the catch is, that they have to provide with their item(s), a note that explains what/where in the book was the inspiration for their work.  Hence, the citation needed.

Only 25 stores will be accepted and it’s going to be heavily curated, because otherwise it becomes a logistical nightmare on our end(specifically my end, and I have to also prep for Gothmas by Gaslight right now.) This is NOT a stamp rally. It’s a way for designers to push their imaginations when given a prompt.  It’s a way to create excellent, imaginative stuff based on original works of literature.

Since we’re not providing a booth, there’s no booth fee. The ONLY fee involved in this project is that merchants will give a 10% cut on ONE colorway (just one) of each item they create, and that color will be an event exclusive, just for the run of ATP.  That’s it.  The money is just to offset the administrative hassle.

Our first round will take place from November 7-30, and will be based on Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. (The book, people, not the movie. Seriously.)

Applications will open on October 1, and all participants will be notified by October 10. We expect it to sell out quickly.

More info is forthcoming – just give us a chance to get it all together for you.

Meantime, get reading. A dreary night in November awaits.