“It was a nice day.”


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The apocalypse is nigh.  Or at least, vaguely approaching.  The ATP Library is open for this round!  There’s still some last minute moving in to be had, but you can come on up to the library and check things out for yourself. As always, our shopping guide will be complete as soon as possible.

Here’s the SLurl:  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Port%20Seraphine/161/109/302

You can saunter vaguely downward (or upward) as you like. Welcome to ATP!

Blogger Applications Are Open!


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Your resident blogger bunny got slightly summer distracted, yas. My apologies for the slight delay, but here they are: blogger applications are open!

Now go forth and grab your copy of Good Omens and go lounge in the sun and reeaaad. Or shade. Shade is good. As long as there’s drinks with little umbrellas involved. Or ice tea. ‘n strawberries.

Good Omens merchant packs just went out.


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Hey folks – I just sent out the first merchant pack for ATP4 (Good Omens).  Be aware it’s a FOLDER, not an object, and it’s called  ATP Posters/Vendors for Good Omens.  As always if you need anything, just let me know.  If you have to drop out, tell me asap, since we have a waiting list on this one.

The merchant list for this round will be up shortly. Im about to do it right now.  Give me an hour.



ATP round four emails just went out.


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A Tattered Page emails just went out. PLEASE check your spam folders, because theyre addressed to me, and BCC’d to everyone else.  Since there’s no booth sizes or fees it makes no sense to send individual emails over and over saying the same thing.  So be sure to check your spam folders for the email.

We do have a wait list, and we did not take everyone who applied.

Posters and vendors will go out at some point next week. Pie and I are working on it.

Applications for Round Four are now OPEN.


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We now leave the ocean behind us and turn our attention to things a bit more uh… metaworldly.  Our next book is Good Omens, by Neil Gaiman and Terry Pratchett.

good omens poster7

We will be cutting off applications at 20 stores, because that’s all the library will physically hold.

Application is HERE.  (the rules are the same as last time.)

Blogger boxes are out.


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If you’re an ATP merchant, please check group notices for ATP Merchant Pack 2 (and the additional textures I sent out afterwards because I forgot the materials maps.) All the info you need is in that box.

Bloggers- you don’t need the box, and the contents will self destruct on rez anyway. If you want an unscripted version for decor, just ask me.